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The Norwegian Mission Society



NMS is a voluntary organisation, rooted in The Church of Norway. NMS is made up of volunteers and congregations who volunteer, pray, donate and collect money for our work. In addition, NMS has staff in Norway and abroad who work to give people a dignified life and lasting hope.


By clicking on the symbols or links below, you can read more about how we try to accomplish our goals:

Share our faith in Jesus

Fight injustice

End poverty


Some people believe that God restricts our lives – we believe He sets us free!

•    We want all people to hear about Jesus and make their own decision whether or not to follow Him.

•    Together with local Christians, we want to share a genuine and living portrayal of Jesus.

•    We want to build churches up so that they can stand on their own two feet and share the good news of the gospel in their everyday lives.

Is it worth it?

•    Yes! In Laos, around 100 new churches are planted every year. People come to faith every single day.

•    Yes! In Madagascar, people are freed from the belief that children born on “evil” days must be left out to die.

•    Yes! In Paris, Christians learn how to share their faith with their family, friends and colleagues, without being pushy or intrusive. As a result, churches are growing.



Some people believe that traditions cannot be changed, but we believe sometimes traditions should be challenged!

•    All people have the right to make decisions about their own lives, but many people don’t have that freedom. What about those who don’t even know they have rights?

•    Together we fight for the rights of the powerless in the world. We believe that God wants everyone to live a dignified and meaningful life full of hope and security. Everyone has talents they can make use of.

Is it worth it?

•    Yes! There is abundant joy when underprivileged people in Ethiopia realize that they can use their mother tongue to pray and praise God.

•    Yes! After many years of working against FGM in Mali, we see that more and more villages are stopping this tradition.

•    Yes! Christians imprisoned for their faith in the Middle East are filled with hope when they realize that there are people praying for them and fighting for their cause.


Some people believe that those in poverty are getting what they deserve.  We don’t agree!

•    No child should go to bed hungry. No parent should have to choose between food, medicine or schooling for their children.

•    In partnership with local communities, we find ways to help the poor provide for themselves and their families.

Is it worth it?

•    Yes! In Madagascar, farmers have increased their rice crop yield, have started to grow nutritious vegetables and are taking an active part in trying to stop deforestation.

•    Yes! Literacy training in Mali has meant greater job opportunities for people.

•    Yes! In Ethiopia, farmers have progressively better crop yields from fields that previously were devastated by outside influences such as termites, single crop farming, and farming methods that formerly proved to be vulnerable to drought and disease.

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