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Resources for Contextual Congregations

Resources for Contextual Congregations is an internal page meant for NMS employees and our partners. Here you will find resources and experiences we make from our engagement in Church Planting and Congregation development, mainly in Europe, but also from other of our partner countries.

Contextual Congregations

This page is one outcome of the professional team of Contextual Congregations in NMS. The team consists of NMS workers in Norway, our partner countries in Europe, Africa and Asia and hopefully also representatives of our partners after a while. The main goal of our team is to preserve the knowledge and experience from the subject of Church Planting, so that new project leaders, missionaries, advisers, Church leaders, mission leaders or others can make use of the experience we all make on this matter. We call the team Contextual Congregation to emphasize the importance of being open minded to the local situation and conditions. We can never copy others ways of being church, but we can learn and be inspired from each other.

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