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End poverty

Seeking to end poverty by:

Schooling and education

•    Providing scholarships for schooling and education, prioritizing the poor and marginalized.

•    Supporting adult literacy training.

•    Offering vocational training for the poor and marginalized.

•    Building schools in remote areas.

•    Promoting economic empowerment through financial management, vocational training and savings groups.

•    Providing kindergarten, preschool and after-school care for impoverished children.

Agriculture and food security

•    Training in sustainable farming.

•    Supporting agricultural schools.

•    Promoting environmentally friendly technologies such as biogas, fuel-saving stoves, etc.

•    Providing clean water to villages.

•    Broadcasting radio programs focusing on agriculture and food security.


•    Facilitating safe births for mother and child.

•    Preventing and treating birth injuries.

•    Providing health stations for marginalized groups.

•    Offering support for young and impoverished pregnant girls.

Anti-corruption work

•    Working with training and advocacy at different levels.

•    Running workshops on combating corruption in everyday life, as well as how to avoid it.


•    Encouraging collaboration between churches across the globe, including missionary exchange programs and one-year student exchange programs.

•    Sending out appropriately trained missionaries and exchange students.

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