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Fight injustice

Fight injustice through:

Women’s rights and role in society

•    Arranging literacy training for women.

•    Starting and encouraging savings groups for women.

•    Providing educational scholarships for women (including theological education).

•    Promoting gender equality in the church.

•    Running courses about gender equality.



•    Running courses on domestic violence, equality and cooperation in the family, between parents and children, husbands and wives.

•    Enabling dialogue about the subject in different forums i.e. villages, churches, etc.

•    Providing help for women in need.

FGM (female genital mutilation)

•    Raising awareness of FGM through conversations at individual and village levels.

•    Providing courses on FGM.

•    Working with leaders (local and national) to reach agreements in order to eradicate FGM.

•    Offering assistance for women in need.

Child marriage

•    Providing courses on the topic, and disseminating information amongst parents, in schools, villages, etc.

•    Providing scholarships for schooling and education for girls.

•    Offering practical help for girls in difficult situations.

The rights of people with disabilities

•    Facilitating education at primary school level.

•    Offering scholarships for schooling and education.

•    Providing vocational training.

•    Following up and supporting families with children with disabilities.

Persecuted Christians

•    Raising awareness of persecution at a local and national level.

•    Working against unjust legislation.

•    Providing financial help for legal aid.

•    Working with all types of media to raise awareness of human rights.

Marginalized people groups

•    Providing trainings and teachings that empower people and help them take pride in their own culture.

•    Helping people incorporate indigenous music into the church.

•    Publishing literature in minority languages.

Leadership training

•    Offering trainings to promote more democratic organizations.

•    Providing organizational leadership training.

•    Delivering conflict sensitivity training.


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