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Ucrew is the Exchange program of NMS where you can live for a year in another country

Through NMS’ Ucrew programme you’ll be placed with one of our partners in Europe for ten months.

Read about the different placement countries here:


The exchange programme lasts a year, starting with a 10-day introductory course at the end of August. This course is held at Hald International centre in Mandal, Norway. At Hald you will also meet other students from across the world.

At the beginning of January we will gather together for Infield, which is a mid- year residential consisting of teaching, in- dept conversations and lots of fun activities.

The year ends with an exit retreat at the end of June for all the Ucrewers.


Practical information

As part of Ucrew you will work with one of NMS´s partner churches in Europe, and you will be supported by NMS´ missionaries and/ or local leaders from that church.

When setting your work schedule, your individual interests and talents will be taken into consideration. This will allow for you to contribute with what you´re gifted with, being it music, sports, teaching etc. In England, Estonia, Norway and France most of the work will be consisting of working with children and young people, but there will also be other types of ministry within the church, or at campsites (mainly for Ucrew in Norway).

The work in Spain is a bit different. Here, most of the work focuses on immigrants and integration, but you will also do work within the local Arabic- speaking church.

For more information about the different countries where you can serve as Ucrew; click the link at the top of the page.

Our Ucrew interns are always a valuable resource to the local church where they serve. But the year isn’t just about you serving. A year as Ucrew will be a year where you will grow both in faith and in knowing yourself better, whilst at the same time experiencing a different culture from «the inside». The Ucrew- team and your local “in country”- team are committed to supporting you through this and will provide you with appropriate teaching before, during and after your time abroad.


Follow our Instagram account @nmsucrew  for an insight into what being Ucrew is all about.


Your year as an intern with NMS:

  • Introductory course: 10 days at the end of August, in Norway
  • Serving in the country you’ve been placed: approximately 10 months
  • Infield: first week of January
  • Exit retreat: last week of June

What we will teach you:

The different countries have their different profiles, but in general you’ll learn more about:

  • Mission
  • The Bible
  • Children and youth ministry
  • Student work
  • Intercultural understanding
  • Communication and presentation
  • Migration and integration (mainly in Spain and France)

Important information

Finances: As Ucrew all your expenses are covered, which includes accommodation and utilities. In addition, you´ll receive a small stipend every month to cover the cost of food and personal expenses.

There is a fee to be part of Ucrew.

To join Ucrew you will need to be 18 years old or older, and having finished high school.

For more information, or for any questions:

Contact Leah Tjemsland, Ucrew programme manager.
+4741159120   |


Application 2023-2024

To apply for Ucrew you´ll need to have the names and contact number for two references at hand. Your references cannot be part of your immediate family.

Contact the Ucrew Programme Manager if your are interested in applying.


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