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Ucrew France

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NMS partners with the Protestant- Lutheran Church EPUdF in France, and as Ucrew you will work in one of their churches, more specifically in Nimes in southern France.

In addition to the Ucrew team in Nimes, we will also have a Brazilian Ucrew- team in Lyon.


What you will do

More specifically what you’ll do as an intern in Nimes will be a combination of your skills and interests, within the setting of the local church and a centre connected with the church. Most likely, you will be asked to help with the youth ministry, Sunday school, Christmas market and other activities. Within the centre, you will be working in a charity shop and help at language courses.

NMS does not require of Ucrew France interns to be fluent in French to be able to be an intern in France but will give you the opportunity of being enrolled onto a language course to help you better understand the language.


Practical information

  •        In Nimes you will share a flat together with your Ucrew teammate near the city centre (pictures from the flat here).

  • You are not required to be fluent in French to be an intern in France, but you will need to have a basic understanding and knowledge of the language. You will be offered a language course at the beginning of your internship year.


Daily life

For a better understanding of what being Ucrew in France looks like, look up Ucrew´s Instagram instagram @nmsucrew.


Got questions?

If you have any questions about Ucrew, do get in touch with us!

Kristian Mjølsneset heads up Ucrew and will most likely have the answer to any question you will have. | 90893401.

Application 2022-2023

To apply for Ucrew you´ll need to have the names and contact number for two references at hand. Your references cannot be part of your immediate family.

All potential applicants that are qualified for a position will be given an interview.

You will soon find the application papers.



NMS employees in France

Here is a list of our missionaries in France, including Ucrewers.

Hanne Vadet Gravdal

Ucrew Lyon

Mary S. Rakotovao

Misjonær - Frankrike
+33 678 538 382

Rafihiratantsoa Rakotovao

Misjonær - Frankrike
+33 664 642 446

Sandra Bischler

Leder i seksjon Europa og Brasil
+33 651 860 662

Selma Berntsen

Ucrew Lyon
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