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Place: Tallinn

Ucrew Estonia

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NMS is helping to support the work of two churches in Tallinn, the capitol of Estonia- one in Saku and one in Mustamäe. NMS is also helping to support various youth ministry, which includes a youth magazine, media camp, football sessions and a radio station for young people. As part of Ucrew Estonia, you will be connected to a local church and work with children and young people. You will also be given the opportunity to join with some of the other work that NMS is supporting.


What you will do

You will work in a local church in Tallinn; either in Saku or Mustamäe, both of which have been started with the help and support of NMS. You will be given a variety of jobs and tasks in the church, but with your individual interests and talents in mind so that you’ll be able to use your giftings as much as possible.

These are some of the tasks you might be asked to do:

-Worship team

-Lead a youth group

-Sports groups

-Residentials and camps

-Choir and baby sing- groups

-Sunday school

-Staff meetings, house church, social action projects, blogpost- writing, and hosting guests visiting from Norway


Practical information

To help you better understand the Estonian language, you will be enrolled on a language course consisting of four lessons a week.

You will live in a shared house with students in Tallinn city centre.


Daily life

For a better understanding of what being Ucrew in Estonia looks like, look up Ucrew´s  instagram @nmsucrew.


Got questions?

If you have any questions about Ucrew, do get in touch with us!

Kristian Mjølsneset heads up Ucrew and will most likely have the answer to any question you will have. | +47 90893401.


Application 2022-2023

To apply for Ucrew you´ll need to have the names and contact number for two references at hand. Your references cannot be part of your immediate family.

All potential applicants that are qualified for a position will be given an interview.

You will soon find the application papers.



NMS employees in Estonia

Here is a list of our missionaries in Estonia, including Ucrewers.

Ave Mølster

Misjonær - Estland

Magne Mølster

Misjonær - Estland
Estisk nummer: +372 5919 7802 Norsk nummer: 957 43 891
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