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NMS Network Gathering in Tallinn, April 11-14,2024

Welcome to the highly anticipated NMS Network Gathering, an event designed to unite voices, visions, and missions within our vibrant community. This year, we are thrilled to present an array of distinguished speakers, enriching sessions, and unique opportunities for fellowship and insight into the future of church mission and community engagement.


This gathering is not just an event but a stepping stone toward greater collaboration, understanding, and mission fulfillment within our communities. We look forward to your participation, insights, and the shared journey ahead.

Below you will find an overview of our schedule, a presentation of the speakers and the topics they will cover, as well as the presentations from the speakers as we receive them.

We hope to be able to provide you with all of the various presentations. If a presentation you would like is not listed here, please contact us and we will do what we can to get this information to you. The presentations we have received so far are posted here:

Seth Chancy – Conviviality

Annely Neame – Misison 112

Volafeno Mngel – The Art of Using Your Talents

Mission Center Presentation

Matthew Key – Europe Collaboration

Tiina Klement – Mustamäe Church

Sandra Bischler – You Are What You Eat

Here is a brief outline of our time together: 

Friday 12th  April, at Mustamäe

09:00     Welcome

09:05     Word for today and prayer. Welcome to Mustamäe – context and church.

10:20      Coffee and Tea

10:50     Practicing the Art of Living Together

11:20      Break

11:30     The Basis for Practicing the Art of Living Together

12:10     Break

12:20     The Art of Living the Gospel

13:00     Lunch

14:00     Walk and talk – two and two

15:00     The art of being church together

15:45      Coffee and Tea

16:15     Field visits: Harkujärve Church, Ukranian Refugee Center, church members in Mustamäe, Prison Ministry, and PlussMedia


Saturday 13th of April, at Saku

09:00     Word for today and prayer.

10:20      Coffee and Tea

10: 35  3 Rolling Seminars

Divide in 3 groups, (everyone will attend each of the seminars)

1. The Art of Planting City Churches

2. The Art of Doing Mission in Estonia

3. The Art of Using Media in Mission to Youth

11:20     Break

11:30     3 Rolling Seminars

12:10     Break

12:20    3 Rolling Seminars

13:00    Lunch

Plenary Sessions: 

14:00     The Art of Using Your Talents

15:00     Sharing Life and Ministry

15:45     Coffee and Tea

16:00    Sharing in Life and Ministry

16:45     Conclusion

17:15      Bus Departs for hotel

19:00    Dinner at Alle, or in small groups.


Here is a presentation of the various speakers, and the sessions they will lead:

Tiina Klement

Tiina Klement serves as a devoted priest at the Mustamäe church in Estonia, a collaboration with the Norwegian Mission Society (NMS) that highlights her significant role in nurturing and leading her congregation. Notably involved in the development of the church community since 2008, Tiina has been a pivotal figure in the establishment and growth of the Mustamäe parish, guiding it toward a bright future marked by the upcoming inauguration of their church building. Her leadership reflects a deep commitment to creating a welcoming and active church community, earning her recognition and support from both local and international partners. Tiina Klement embodies the spirit of dedication and hope, striving to make the Mustamäe church a beacon of faith and conviviality in Estonia.

Tiina Klement extends a warm welcome to Mustamäe, Word for Today and Prayer, before offering an immersive understanding of both the spiritual and communal context of the church. Tiina invites participants into a deeper awareness of the church’s role within the local community. Attendees will explore how the Mustamäe church integrates into the lives of its members, fostering a space for growth, fellowship, and spiritual nourishment. This session is not only an introduction to the church but an invitation to experience and contribute to its living story.

Seth Chancy

Seth Chancy serves as an Advisor for the Norwegian Missions Society (NMS), bringing a wealth of experience in strength-based change approaches, including Use Your Talents, Appreciative Inquiry, Asset-Based Community Development (ABCD), and Most Significant Change. In addition to his role at NMS, Seth is a Pastor at Stavanger International Church and holds a Master’s degree in Leading Innovation and Change, showcasing his commitment to fostering positive transformations within communities.

Seth Ueland Chancy is a leadership and organizational development specialist and consultant, recognized for his expertise in fostering organizational transformation and creating cultures of change within charities and non-profit organizations. Seth offers a wealth of knowledge in leadership development, strategic planning, and the implementation of effective change management strategies. His contributions to the field, including insightful publications on enhancing organizational effectiveness, position him as a thought leader dedicated to empowering teams and individuals to achieve their fullest potential. Through his dynamic workshops and speaking engagements, Seth continues to inspire and guide organizations toward achieving sustainable growth and impactful societal contributions.

Annely Neame

Annely Neame is a multifaceted individual, embodying roles as a mother, friend, counsellor, coach, entrepreneur, pastor, and theologian with a rich passion for gardening, woodworking, and the arts. Her dedication to spiritual and community growth shines through her leadership in projects and coaching pastors, advocating for underrepresented voices within the church. Annely is at the forefront of forming a Contemplative Congregation, working alongside committed individuals to nurture a reflective spiritual community. Through MISSION112, she engages deeply with pastors on a transformative journey, guiding and supporting the emergence of new spiritual leaders committed to fulfilling their ministry vocations, marking her as a pivotal figure in fostering ecclesiastical leadership and innovation.

Seth and Annely will present the following sessions together:

Session 1: «How to Practice the Art of Living Together «

Explore how the church can be a vibrant part of the community by harnessing the strengths and talents of its members. This session will delve into practical strategies for empowering individuals to contribute meaningfully, fostering a sense of belonging and active participation in communal life.

Session 2: «The Basis for Practicing the Art of Living Together»

Discover the power of local leadership in transforming community interactions and relationships. This workshop focuses on practical tools and methodologies for identifying and leveraging local assets, encouraging a collaborative environment where every member’s contribution is valued and nurtured for the common good.

Additionally, Annely will present:

The Art of Living the Gospel

Annely Neame’s presentation on MISSION112 unveils a visionary initiative within the Estonian Evangelical Lutheran Church, designed to identify, support, and empower emerging spiritual leaders. This pioneering project focuses on accompanying pastors as they explore their callings, offering a comprehensive framework for mentorship, growth, and leadership development in ministry. MISSION112 embodies a collaborative and exploratory approach, emphasizing the importance of community, guidance, and the pursuit of one’s vocation in service to the church and society. Through her leadership, Annely champions the cultivation of a new generation of pastors, equipped and inspired to live out their callings with conviction and creativity.

Archbishop Urmas Viilma

Archbishop Urmas Viilma stands as a pivotal figure in the Estonian Evangelical Lutheran Church, esteemed for his leadership and visionary approach to faith in contemporary society. His tenure has been marked by a commitment to preserving the church’s heritage while steering it toward future generations, as emphasized in his contributions to the Lutheran World Federation. With a deep focus on theological education, environmental stewardship, and digital innovation, Archbishop Viilma’s work reflects a dynamic blend of tradition and modernity. His efforts in promoting dialogue and understanding both within the church and in broader societal contexts underscore his role as a bridge-builder in an ever-evolving ecclesiastical landscape.

In his presentation «Ecumenism in Estonia: The Art of Being Church Together,» Archbishop Urmas Viilma explores the rich tapestry of Christian unity within the diverse ecclesiastical landscape of Estonia. He delves into the challenges and opportunities that ecumenism presents, emphasizing the importance of collaboration among different Christian denominations to foster a more inclusive and supportive faith community. Viilma’s discourse sheds light on the practical aspects of living out the ecumenical call, advocating for mutual respect, understanding, and a shared mission in serving the wider society. His thoughtful approach highlights the beauty and necessity of coming together as one church, despite doctrinal differences, to address contemporary spiritual and social needs.

Magne Mølster

Magne Mølster is a dedicated missionary of the Norwegian Mission Society (NMS). His commitment to humanitarian and ecclesiastical support is highlighted through his involvement in aiding Ukrainian refugees, showcasing his deep compassion and dedication to those in need. Serving as a bridge between communities, Magne’s work with friendship congregations underscores his role in fostering cross-cultural and inter-denominational relationships. Through his leadership and missionary endeavors, Magne Mølster exemplifies a life devoted to service, embodying the NMS’s mission of spreading hope and facilitating community resilience.

Magne Mølster will give us the Word for Today and Prayer, Welcome to Saku. Magne will discuss how lay participation not only strengthens the individual’s faith but also fortifies the church’s mission, creating a robust foundation for communal and spiritual growth. Attendees can expect to gain insights into the impact of sustained prayer and committed lay work in nurturing a resilient and active church community in Saku.

We will have three rolling sessions, where 1/3 of the participants attend a session until all have attended all three sessions: 

Rolling Session – European Collaboration

Matthew Key

Matthew Key is an influential leader in the European ecclesiastical landscape, serving as the Project Director for the Europe Collaboration. Based in Oxford, UK, his academic journey includes an undergraduate degree from Oxford and a Master in Theology from Regent College, Vancouver. Matthew’s passion extends beyond his professional endeavors into enjoying the great outdoors, immersing himself in quality literature, and exploring the diverse cultures of Europe, reflecting a deep commitment to both his faith and the enrichment of his personal life.


Matthew Key’s presentation, “Experience on Planting Vibrant City Churches in Europe,” challenges the narrative of church decline with an inspiring counter-narrative of growth and renewal. He shares the compelling journey of the Europe Collaboration, which has fostered the establishment of 28 dynamic church plants across 14 European nations through the unity of denominations, mission organizations, and philanthropic support. This presentation not only highlights the successes and strategies of creating thriving church communities in Europe’s cultural centers but also extends an invitation to participants to contribute their stories, fostering a collaborative learning environment aimed at reviving the church’s presence and impact in urban settings across the continent.

Rolling Session – Mission Center

Leevi Reinaru

Leevi Reinaru is a distinguished pastor and educator, with a foundation in theology from Theological Institute. Since 2010, he has been at the helm of the Mission Center, guiding its efforts and outreach. His exemplary service was recognized with the White Star V Class in 2023, and in March 2017, the EELK honored him with the right to wear the Gold Cross, also marking him as the clergyman of the year in 2018

Leevi Reinaru’s presentation at the NMS Network Gathering in Tallinn promises to be an enlightening journey through the history and future of Christian mission work in Estonia. Starting with a brief overview of the challenging Soviet era, he aims to shed light on the resilience and faith of Estonian Christians who navigated through those turbulent times. He will then transition to the inception of the Mission Center, detailing its foundation, growth, and current endeavors that showcase the vibrant activity and impact of this vital institution.

Further enriching the presentation, Leevi will share his visionary thoughts on the future trajectory of mission work in Estonia. He plans to outline two or three strategic directions that could enhance the effectiveness and reach of the mission, considering Estonia’s unique cultural and historical context. This forward-looking perspective is poised to spark discussions and inspire actions among attendees, paving the way for a dynamic and impactful approach to mission work in the region.

Katrin-Helena Melder

Katrin-Helena Melder is a respected figure within the Estonian Evangelical Lutheran Church, renowned for her theological insights and commitment to pastoral care. As a dedicated servant of the church, her insightful articles showcase her as a theologian with a profound understanding of Christian teachings and a passion for making them accessible and relevant to today’s congregation. Melder’s approach to ministry, characterized by a thoughtful blend of tradition and contemporary relevance, emphasizes preparing the way for the Lord in the hearts and minds of her community. Through her leadership and writings, Katrin-Helena Melder inspires both clergy and laypeople alike, fostering a deepened faith and a closer walk with God among those she serves.

In her upcoming presentation at the NMS conference, Katrin-Helena Melder will delve into the critical theme of «Jesus’ Approach to Mission and the Future of the Church: Actions for Today’s Congregations.» Drawing from both the innovative insights of a research group and her own rich experience, Melder aims to explore the practical steps congregations can undertake to align with Jesus’ mission methodology, with a forward-looking perspective on the church’s evolution. Her discussions, previously met with enthusiasm and vigorous discussion in Germany, promise to ignite thoughtful consideration on integrating Jesus’ mission-focused strategies into contemporary church activities, highlighting the essential actions for today’s congregations in light of the future of the Church.

Rolling Session – Pluss Media

Madis Kask

Madis Kask is a notable figure in the realm of media production with a distinguished profile and significant contributions to the Estonian Evangelical Lutheran Church’s media outreach. His expertise in creating engaging content is exemplified by his role in the development of the award-winning television show «5pluss,» which reflects his innovative approach to religious and educational programming. With a strong background in both practical media work, Madis’s career is marked by a dedication to blending creative storytelling with insightful analysis, making a profound impact on  Christian youth today.


Katarina Kaleininkas

Katarina Kaleininkas is a vital contributor to Plussmeedia, having honed her skills since 2018 and bringing valuable experience from her time as a Ucrew intern in England. As the managing editor of Pluss magazine, she plays a pivotal role in orchestrating the efforts of a vibrant team of youth volunteers, ensuring that the content is engaging and impactful. Katarina’s focus on the expansion and enhancement of Plussmeedia’s various media outlets underscores her commitment to the organization’s mission and her integral role in shaping the future of youth-oriented Christian media.

Plussmeedia’s upcoming session, led by the media ministry’s dynamic leaders Madis Kask and Katarina Kaleininkas, promises an engaging dive into the transformative world of Christian youth media. Since its founding in 2010, Plussmeedia has evolved from a youth magazine publisher to a digital powerhouse, embracing social media and audiovisual content with collaborations on TV7 and Pereraadio, and an exciting venture into podcasting on the horizon. Madis and Katarina, both alumni of the NMS through the Ucrew program, bring a wealth of experience, with Madis contributing since 2013 and stepping into the role of TV producer in 2022, and Katarina leading as managing editor post-Ucrew. Their joint presentation will cover the spiritual state of Estonian youth, strategies for engaging them within a Christian framework, and valuable insights from over a decade of pioneering youth-oriented Christian media. Together, they drive Plussmeedia’s mission to share the gospel and nurture the faith of Estonia’s youth.

Plenum Session – The Art of Using Your Talents

Volafeno Anna Mangel

Volafeno Anna Mangel is a distinguished pastor within the United Protestant Church of France (EPUdF), serving a vibrant parish in Brittany. With an impressive educational background, she holds a professional master’s degree in theology, a research master’s in practical theology, and a PhD in comparative literature. Her scholarly pursuits include a dissertation on Use Your Talents (UYT), underscoring her deep interest in practical theology, evangelization, and interculturality. Volafeno’s work exemplifies a commitment to engaging with and understanding diverse cultural contexts within her ministry, contributing significantly to the discourse on faith, community, and intercultural dialogue.

In her presentation on «The Church as a Learning Community: The Contribution of Use Your Talents (UYT),» Volafeno Anna Mangel explores the transformative potential of the UYT model within church communities. She delves into how UYT can empower church members to actively participate in both church and community development, drawing from diverse experiences and documentation of UYT implementations. By examining the theological underpinnings of UYT, Mangel aims to illuminate its spiritual significance and propose ways for its effective contextualization in Europe. This research not only questions but also hypothesizes the model’s capacity to foster engaged and mission-driven congregations.

Let’s come together to inspire and be inspired, shaping the future of our mission with faith, hope, and love.

As mentioned, this truly is a Network Gathering. We hope that people will continue to journey together, sharing experiences, challenges, and joys, and partner onwards on this journey in «The Art of Living Together.»

Here you can download the particpant list.

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