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#ALTA# ; Again, the word impact,and touch several.

We are in the different culture,different background, but one God and one belief. The purpose is the same,the goal is unique our heart beat for only interest,our mind is commited to one name.Which is Jesus Christ.

I was travelling to the north of norway,thus i see the beautifullness of the work what our God done since the begining.

Im impressed and get angry why some of us who dispoil it?

Why do we not respect it?

I have experienced some other people like to cut the trees,some are poluted the nature,kill the animals and so on…

Hey!!what was giving to us, are  marvelous and beautiful , that should be motivating everyone to enjoy life, and  staying longer in this world.

I was remaining 5 days in finnmark,to more precise it was in Alta.

I have been inviting but a program call ” misjonaksjon Madagascar”.which are pensjonist(ex-missionaries)  pray for the mission in the different countries, also the work NMS does.

I did not pictured everything what will happen and my heart was full of  fear,but at least my mind is always in the  winter ,tough,stubborn and that provides confidence toward myself.

I sang,i used my talent and expressed myself nicely and full of freedom.

I met the local confermand,i talked to olders and interacting to many different kind of people.

I remembered very well when i was given a speach during a meeting, there i took opportunity to talk about Jesus Christ and said that there are not any way and lives unless Him.

Besides, i took a risk to proclam that the kingdom of the heaven is soon coming.And those who have been recouncilling to God ,through Jesus Christ ,and his blood are the only one who will inherit the eternal life.

In while two persons came with the tears and saying, Yannick the WORD IS STILL LIVING,And i believe.

Bref, I went back to Tau to my internship place,full of pride,smile,and bring happiness to the familly im living with.


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If you have a chance, will you choose a different way?--"Relife--back to seventeen"

We’ll make different choices when we’re growing up, some may lead us to a happy ending, some may not have that much impact to us, some may even bring us pain—the sorrow and darkness that we don’t want to face it. There’s a question that may appear when we quite down ourselves—what will my life be if I make a different choice at that time?

As my internship nearly goes to an end, I start to think back of the time that I spend in here, do I enjoy it? Do I feel happy for these times? Or did I just ‘Hea’ (It’s a Cantonese phase, means “wasting time”) at all? Thanks to my Lord, the answer are positive, and when I dig down for the reason, it’s just a small different—I dare to made a different choice.

When I was in Hong Kong, I didn’t have the gut to try something new or things that I like because of frighten—afraid of the side-effect if I make a different. After I came here, I started to think: “Why should I live as same as in my homeland? Why don’t I just choose how I WANT to live?” start from that plot, I decided to live in a different way, not based on someone’s suggestion nor some “unwritten-rule”, but the life that I want to live, and overall, it works out really good, or should I say, splendid.

What is relife? It doesn’t mean that you have to be reborn again, but to have the determination to live a new life and work on it. It doesn’t mean that you’re the righteous and the others are fool, but it means that you are a human—a human that have a free will, not a walking-flesh.

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Every talent is GOD gift

People always say that everyone is gifted at something, it could be obvious or hidden. But what is sure is, people usually think about really common skills when hearing the word “TALENT”, for instance singing, playing instrument, dancing, drawing, being terrific at sport, in general about things that blow the mind, touch the soul, give chills and impress at the first sight.

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EID tur 2020 at Kvamskogen

EID(Engasjert Inspirert Dedikert) is the name of the active group of young leaders at Slettebakken church. After all the activities that the young leaders were in charge of in the church and all which are still coming up,the church organised every year a camp for them where they spend time together,have fun and learn how to become a better and even more effective leader.This year, I was lucky to be part of that camp.

From the moment I discovered the church , I could notice that the slettebakken church is really decided to involve  youth in all activities and events.The church is making sure that everything is okay with the young leaders and supporting them through their development. The “EID tur” is part of program that the church established to support and help the young leaders in their Journey as leader at church.


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