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Kvinne frikjent for blasfemianklager etter 4 års kamp

5. april 2024: Takket være menneskerettighetsorganisasjonen CLAAS ble en kvinne løslatt fra fengsel og endelig frikjent for blasfemianklager. Hun hadde sittet i fengsel i nesten fire år på grunn av en misforståelse. Her kan du lese CLAAS sine egne rapporter om saken.
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On June 27th, 2020 a tense situation was created in the residential area of Awami Colony Lahore, when a   blasphemy a woman name Kaneez Fatima was alleged of committing blasphemy. Despite the COVID lockdown a large mob gathered around the alleged accused house. The initial announcement made from the local mosque proclaimed the accused as a Christian woman committing blasphemy.  The mob was chanting slogans against Christians and according to the local residents there was chance of mob attack on Christian houses. Police arrived on time to save the accused and the entire Christian community living there. The police took the accused Kaneez Fatima into its custody. To calm the crowd police registered an FIR No. 1811/20 under 295B (defiling of Holy Quran) of Pakistan Penal Code at Kot Lakhpat police station – Lahore against Kaneez Fatima on the complaint of Sumaira wife of Muhammad Saleem through an eye witness Syed Samar Abbas who was the resident of District Kasur (address according to the FIR).  According to the facts collected from the local residents of Awami Colony (where the incident took place) Yasmin Shagufta was born into a Christian family but few years back she embraced Islam and her new Muslim name was Kaneez Fatima. She worked as a domestic servant in various houses including the complainant’s house. After embracing Islam she disconnected herself from her Christian family and community and was living separately.  She got married with Gulam Musfta who was not staying with him at the time of incident.

The Facts Stated in FIR (first information report):

The complaint Sumaira Bibi wife of Muhammad Saleem stated that on 27th June 2020 at about 2:30pm she went to Kaneez Fatima’s house, when she entered into her bedroom she saw torn   pages of Holy Quran scattered on Kaneez Fatima’s bed, there were three books of Holy Quran lying on the bed and Holy pages were dipped into water. Upon asking Kaneez told Sumaira that she has backache and someone told her to sleep on the pages of Holy Quran and she will be healed of her backache.  Sumaira collected some torn pages of Holy Quran and came back home and narrated the whole incident to her husband who informed the other residents and followers of Islam as to apprehend the blasphemer

CLAAS intervention:

After the registration of the FIR the local situation in Awami Colony remained calm and no unpleasant incident took place.

After the judicial remand Kaneez Fatima was sent to Kot Lakhpat Jail Lahore for confinement.  Due to COVID restrictions at that time CLAAS lawyer was unable to meet with her in the jail but a power of attorney of CLAAS lawyer was dropped in for Kaneez Fatima to sign. She signed power of attorney and CLAAS started to pursue this case in the court of Additional Sessions Judge Lahore.

Up-date of the case:

Kaneez Fatima was allegedly involved in a false blasphemy case which was registered on June 27th, 2020 according to the FIR No. 1811/20 under 295B (defiling of Holy Quran) of Pakistan Penal Code at Kot Lakhpat police station Lahore.  The FIR was registered on the complaint of Sumaira wife of Muhammad Saleem through an eye witness Syed Samar Abbas.  Kaneez had been confined in Kot Lakhpat Jail Lahore since her arrest.  CLAAS had fact-finding of this incident and based on the fact-finding, CLAAS pursued her case in trial court to defend Kaneez Fatima. The charge was framed against her on February 13, 2021 to which she pleaded not guilty and claimed trial. The challan of this case was submitted in the court of Additional Sessions Judge Lahore on April 05, 2021. Three private witnesses including Syed Samar Abbas, Sumaira Bibi, and Muhammad Zahid, and four official witnesses appeared for statement in this case. After the CLAAS lawyer, Mr. Tahir Bashir’s arguments case was fixed for judgment on March 28, 2024.

On the said date court did not pass the judgment and later on April 05, 2024, she was acquitted of all blasphemy charges by the Additional Session Judge Lahore Ishrat Abbas.

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