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Stor interesse for bibler på bokmesse i Egypt

Hvert år arrangeres det stor bokmesse i Kairo, og Bibelselskapet er fast deltaker. Mange av kundene kommer igjen år etter år, og det blir mange samtaler for de som står på stand. Les mer i nyhetsbrevet fra generalsekretær Ramez Atallah.
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Dear Friends,

As we begin 2017 we are extremely thankful for our friends and supporters of the ministry of God’s Word in Egypt.  Your faithful partnership has helped build up our work from year to year, extending and expanding to many new areas in the country and to a variety of ministries.

We have been working hard to prepare new products for distribution at the Cairo International Bookfair which is being held from January 28th to February 10th.  Each product is intended to communicate God’s Word in a creative and effective way to different audiences.

We are very excited to provide a special product this year especially for teenagers: the book of Habakkuk (photo at left)!  This is the first time to print something in colloquial Egyptian!  Speaking to situations of instability and violence, we trust that it will communicate the message clearly to many young people who find classical Arabic difficult to understand.

Another first for us is the New Testament printed on Bible paper. This new and attractive format will help people read and understand the text more easily.  As always, our special Bookfair offers will include a New Testament for just 2 Egyptian pounds (which is now about 10 US cents!!).  Our “Bookfair Season” extends the special discounts at the Bookfair grounds to all of our outlets throughout the country during the months of January and February.

For children, My First Bible was printed in a beautiful and colorful design, while a new series called Color and Memorize will help children to memorize Bible verses as they color.

Ple ase pray especially that in spite of the very difficult economic situation in Egypt, people will still want to purchase God’s Word.

For those of you who do not know, in the beginning of November 2016 the Egyptian currency dropped to half its value.  Along with the dramatic increase in the cost of all staples and basic needs, every one of the products we sell now costs us nearly twice as much as it cost before November!

Of course we have not been able to raise prices to match the increase in cost. Although we raised our prices from 20 – 30 % it is much less than the 100% increase in their production cost. This is a real challenge that we do not know how to overcome!  Your prayers are appreciated as we work through the financial ramifications from this radical devaluation of the Egyptian currency. Thank you for standing with us through thick and thin during these past years.

With warm greetings in Christ and much thanks on behalf of the Bible Society family,

Sincerely in Christ,
Ramez Atallah
General Director
The Bible Society of Egypt



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