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The youth of Créteil are moving ahead

In February of 2017, the youth of Créteil decided to meet as a group to decide how they could contribute by their presence and their talents in the parish. The youth of Créteil feel that it is a real privilege to be able to meet as youth, to get to know each other better, to encourage each other as Christians and to find and fill their place as youth in the congregation.
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This gathering began by a shared meal, afterwards there was a time of brainstorming to think of different projects for the group and finally, before going home, there was a game time.

The different projects that the youth came up with during the brainstorming can be put into two categories :   spiritual and social.    On the spiritual side, the youth decided to have a time of prayer and praise each time they meet.   They also proposed to offer their time and talents to lead several of the worship services in the Créteil parish each year.  (And in 2017, the youth led entirely two services, one in March and another one in November.)   The members of the youth group also propose their help quite often in the congregation’s musical group as well as in the group of Bible text readers.   And the youth participated by a sketch during the Christmas program in December.    And as the year of 2017 was an anniversary year for the Reformation started by Martin Luther 500 year ago, the youth group decided to consecrate one of its meetings to learning more about this movement and why we are Protestants.   This was done first by watching the  film :  « LUTHER, the vision of a man that changed the world », followed by a time of discussion.    On the social side, the youth decided to organize some gatherings in order to have fun together and  get to know each other better.   On the agenda were meals, outings and games.


Laura  (one of the youth leaders)

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