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When you share time,you share blessing. im giving to people and devoted my own time,thus i gain knowledge,and give hapiness.Got experience and convey joice.
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During my stay here in norway,i experienced something about sharing time to others.

I can see that, it can be more than having fun or spending a good time.

when i look at my felloship student gathering in one corner,they seems creating a world,and a good atmospher.Once, i  included myself in the group and got much involve into the discussions.after the moment so,i got knowledge from their own experience.

During my internship at Tau,i mostly work with the staff at the office,sometimes we eat together,we have a meeting.What i did is to observe them  and spend my time together with them.

During the moment so,i tell life in my country,they listen and they are interested.Afterward in their turn,they talk,they tell story.What im i doing is just to learn and give their experience to my home

I recognize now that , if you share time to other,you win,and they win.

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