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Youth camp is a delightful experience

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Hi, I would like to share the amazing experience I had with the camps that I was participating in, it took place at Fjelltun close to Flekkefjord, a campsite that NMSU uses for youth-camps. I attended two camps which were very pleasant for me! Even though my expectations weren’t high, thinking it would be something just for fun. The camps made me connect with an age I wasn’t in contact on my internship place at Ukirke, in Stavanger. So it was quite nice to be around teenagers and kids again. I had plenty of fun and interesting moments, also practice the language, teenagers and kids are the best teachers in learning a new language! Even though I was expecting more deep and profound subjects, like a spiritual retreat where we take a time to go deeper in the relationship with God, or learn more about the Bible, I can still see the reason these camps are so important for the kids and teenagers. They have a glimpse about what it is to be a christian or listen to stories of other, and how different people express their faith and can have a true relationship with God. It is interesting how strong bonds can be created in this environment, bringing even tears when it was time to say goodbye. So although I see many things to develop, as it already did when I shared about the idea of small groups, everyone agreed and we added that in the next camp, hopefully it will continue to develop. I see a great potential on these camps for the youth! When I shared my testimony about how I started my life walking with Jesus and growing in the relationship with the Lord, the teenagers looked very interested in it. I think the Youth Camps should provide more in this matter, the young people need and want access to the knowledge of God, we should not underestimate them. I know how Christ impacted many lives there through me, because I also got impacted by them!

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