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Spare some time for God

We always work with pressure, continue this cycle endlessly, and make our burden become more heavy. Maybe it's time to take a rest--not for yourself, but for your God.
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At the first week of the new year, I have followed my contact person of the church to a “Re-treatment”–a complete silent time for two days, make yourself deep down with God. Inside these days, I have learnt quite a lot, and one of the important thing that I have learnt, is to spare some time for God in your daily life.

As a normal person in the world, we all have our own business to worry and work with–our work, study, relationship with other people, etc, day by day, these things has become our burden, didn’t giving us anything but more and more pressure, and start to forget our source of our power from–the relationship with God.

To build up a healthy relationship with with him is actually not that hard, maybe just spending some time, maybe 10 mins or more, to do nothing but concentrate yourself to talk with him, express how is your day, or talk about your worry or things you feel bad,  just like how you do with a friend or a person you are interested.

When you feel yourself are full of pressure, remember, this might be a signal from God.

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