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We share because God shared first

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The month of December was certainly one of the most unexpected surprises for me in the last 4 months in Norway! And I say so because of Christmas. Of course that after being here for a while, talking to locals and walking around the city, it was obvious that Christmas was an important time for most people.

Of course, Christmas was always an important time for me during my whole life, being born and raised in a christian family. So, my amazement was not because of all the lights and gifts, songs and good food (even though they were very good as well). My surprise came from how much the simple sharing of moments, smiles and talents could be so meaningful and life changing.

And yes, I mean life changing. Even though I can’t see all the consequences that current encounters with other people have on my future life, I am sure that they are relevant. And I mention that because Christmas makes it clearer. Thinking about the Christmas Eve, when we go to the church and listen to God’s Word, when we seat around the table and eat together, when we play instruments and sing praises to God because Jesus was born, all of these and others testify on God’s goodness and mercy.

I remember one specific moment that, while listening to a friend playing the piano in Christmas Eve, I could not help myself thanking God for giving him this talent, so that it could show a little bit of God’s Glory.

And Christmas announces the Gospel to us, that Jesus came to Earth to save us all from eternal death. As the Scripture says in John 3.16, “For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life”. It is amazing to see that we can share today because God shared the greatest gift of all before: his only son! And that is my wish for the beginning of this new year: that every day we can share God’s goodness and love with the talents he gave us, whatever they are.

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