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Sharing time to others can produce something more interesting ,Much greater than possessing Gold,much wealthy than owning plenty of money. Sharing time to others create relationship and good influence.
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I was myself in the program call  FABELAKTIG FREDAG and get involve in the activity,which organizing by the church at strand.Its a program for the youth in Tau to meet at one another,its a program for them to have fun and doing many  games and entertainment as well.

In one hand young people come to have fun.In other hand adult and parents come too to get to know other people,and share their  time to the youth.

Its SPENENDE Norwegian say!Why  because those people both adult and youth can share time together,and its typical here in Norway according to my observation. And for result so, Fellowship are built,Relationship are made.I did not realize that sharing ones times to other can make something more than you think,Yes sharing time  to people makes a good acknowledge toward a groups and create a deep influence to each other

Bref! i always  feel blessed surrounding by the Norwegian society,Day by day i am  experiencing,day by day i got integrate  in the positive worldview and perspective.



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