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No one is empty, no one do not have talent, but it is up to you to look for that and accept it as it is. We have been chosen not because our strength but because of our weakness, so then I used this weakness to be my strength. Remember this Psalm 118: 22; "The stone which the builders rejected as worthless turned out tii be the most important of all".
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No self-confidence, afraid of doing things, saying that you are the worse or guilt your self to something no sense, hearing that whatever you do are unsuccessful, blaming your self and the LORD who created you, why is this happen to me? why I do not have any talent? or one thing that I am so good at?

And then, in the middle of this complexity, confusing on this questions that I thought no answers. Suddenly an opportunity comes, leaving my country to be here in Norway. Most of the person, when they participate in an exchange program, they think about sharing something from them, but I thought more about getting something from others, more about learning new things, because I thought that I did not have anything to share. But, my teacher at Hald Internasjonal senter and those people around me encourage me by saying that we do not need big talents, but your smile is already a big one, your hand which can help someone to do things, the good words from your mouth, and many ather thing…, they are enough to be your talents.

So, then, I promise to my self to use those things during my internship, those things that i thought so bad to me becomes fun, something that I was shame of, becomes something that I am proud of.

An example, I talk too much, sometimes I just tell something no sens, I tell something that difficult to understand , where some of my friends say: ” could you stop little bit, what are talking about is out line or they say that I am a  parrot” and that is in front of a lot of people” I felt weird on that day.

But, now, I use it to explain and teach something that I have in my country that someone around me here in Norway do not understand, and also I use it to build relationship and having friends.

Going to a camps and teaching those children that my country exist somewhere, and using my smile ( where someone say that it is a crazy smile) so, it is useful, it is the way I speak to someone who do not understand English.

My voice, that I said that the worst voice in the world, now, it is my tools to share my faith and the gospel to others.

The girl that someone say, no maturity, dare to speak in from of people.

At home or when I visit some family, I just use what I have and be happy, I feel like that is enough to learn and to share.

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