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Live out the gospel

“WWJD”, stand as “What Will Jesus Do”, is a very famous thought started in 2000, after 20 years, it's also facing challenge, point is, what can we do?
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In these months staying in Norway, I’ve seen a lot of good things in this country, but some of them really impress me, the respect to people is one of them.

As we all know, Norway is a country which produce oil to the whole world, and in Stavanger, there’s a museum that has introduce the evolution of how they develop the whole structure, and on a wall which introduce the 10 oil commandments in 1971, I found that there’s a rule that’s really “Norwegian”, it said “Petroleum from the NCS must as a general rule be landed in Norway, except in those cases where socio-political considerations dictate a different solution.” (Rule #6) the point that I think it’s really Norwegian is, the NCS doesn’t always holding the whole decision of the oil field forever—they give the choice to the people, and this impress me, because they know that the people are the true owner of these natural resources, and they respect it, in my point of view, they have live out the gospel.

How to living out the gospel is an endless argument, though we have an remarkable movement which called “WWJD”, stand as “What Will Jesus Do?”, but as the society changes, WWJD is also starting to face challenge—how do we use it on social issue? Where should a Christion stand when facing other’s questioning? This argument always causing useless finger-pointing, sometimes it even will develop to fission.

But in here, I‘ve learnt something on this topic: there’s no an absolute way on how to do it, but does the gospel is running over your whole life, in an easy way to say is, can people see Jesus from you?

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