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SOCIALIZING (Dele tid her i Bergen)

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Creating relationship with the society is socializing, there is a lot of way that we can use but first we have to socialize with our own surrounding if it is possible then in the places where we work or study or gather with people. In my experience so far we could socialize with everyone everywhere when we have time but as a human being there is always a limit to respect and a place appropriate to do it.


While representing NMS to NLA, we were making people know about Madagascar and what are the Norwegians missionary doing there and what was their need that we were trying to collect through those people. Then we could socialize to a lot of people who was in Madagascar or have been missionary or would like to go there. That was a very good way to communicate with people and find some common points or some interests in each others.

The best way to socialize is first to be patient and to be comprehensible because people are all different and have their own way or time or want to interact or to be able to discuss with people. Back then, when I was in Madagascar it was rarely for me to have difficulties with socializing with people but here I experienced how difficult it is to include yourself when the people are reserved but I remark as well that it is neither my fault or the people fault but it is just the differences between us. First I though that it was difficult because I was a foreigners but I was wrong because people sometimes need time to be able to communicate or need to know you better. It is a very very rare case that someone doesn’t want contact with anyone. A relation is something I would call sacred because the better you care for it the longer it will last. Relation is the only way for all human being to be able to live because we need support from each others for every little things that we have to do in life such a work. Let’s say a priest can not preaches when there is not christian, a teacher could never teaches when there is not students, a plane could not fly when there is not passengers… It is just what life is so don’t ever lose your smile because it has a very important place and role when socializing. So put on your smile while working or studying or whatever and create relation with people and don’t blame yourself when you fail but we need failure not to give up after but to learn from it and improve ourselves with doing better and trying our best. But the most important things is to be able to share your time with everyone you are in contact or not in the place where you work.

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