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Seminar on Church and Children

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In the last week of July a seminar on church and children was held at Luther Seminary in Bangkok.

There were not many participants at this seminar, but it is believed to be an important start for more talk on the importance of thinking church from childrens’ perspective.

The reason for this seminar being held now, was the Childrens’ church in Phibun celebrating 3 years of service this year. A team from Childrens’ church shared their experiences of developing and establishing this kind of church, and they also presented what is happening at Childrens’ church every week.

Two other congregations from another area, not a rural as Phibun, but from urban areas of Bangkok, also shared their ideas and experiences about reaching out to children through sports and music ministries.

On the first and second days of the seminar, it was taught about basic understanding about children, drawing on ideas from the child theology movement, emphazising to view from the childrens’ perspective and Jesus’ teaching on children showing us that a mind of a child is a role model for our relationship as christians.

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