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NMS - The Norwegian Mission Society

The Norwegian Mission Society (Norwegian: Det Norske Misjonsselskap, NMS) is the first and oldest mission organization in Norway.

It was started by a group of approximately 180 people in the town of Stavanger in Norway in August 1842. The goal was to spread the Christian religion to other peoples, mainly in Africa. Hans Paludan Smith Schreuder became the first missionary, leaving for Zululand (South Africa) in 1843.

NMS is currently working in the following countries or regions: Estonia, United Kingdom, France, Cameroon, Mali, Ethiopia, South Africa, Madagascar, Brazil, Pakistan, China, Thailand, and Japan. The society also works in the Middle East through satellite television.

The chairperson of the board is Rev. Helge Gaard.

Rev. Jeffrey Huseby has been general secretary since 2011.[1]

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