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Placements: Sarpsborg and Lillehammer


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Would you like to work at one of our campsites?

Together with NMS’ campsites we’re looking for two interns to live and work at two of our amazing campsites in the east of Norway. Stenbekk, which is 10 minutes from Sarpsborg, and Camp Sjusjøen (at Mesnali), which is 20 minutes from Lillehammer.

You will be part of Ucrew and will receive the same teaching and follow up as the interns who serve in other countries across Europe.



As an intern at our campsites your main job is to offer pastoral care. This will be through joining in with the various activities, sharing, and to make sure the participants at the camps are doing ok.

You will be part of the regular campsite staff and join in with the weekly staff meetings. You will, like the rest of the staff, be expected to help with the practical’s, like mealtimes and cleaning, in addition to joining in with regular meetings with NMS and NMSU to plan the work ahead.

We are looking for someone creative who can help develop events, like concerts and other happenings, at the campsites. We would also appreciate help with making the campsites more visible on social media and online.

A big part of the autumn and winter season is dedicated to “leirskole” (school camp) at Camp Sjusjøen. This will therefore be the main part of the placement work during this period.

There will be housing made available near both campsites for the interns to live.



If you have any questions about Ucrew, do get in touch with us!

Kristian Mjølsneset heads up Ucrew and will most likely have the answer to any question you will have.

If you’re interested in joining Ucrew by serving in a different country, you can find more information here: Ucrew

Contact information: | +47 90893401.

Application 2022-2023

To apply for Ucrew you´ll need to have the names and contact number for two references at hand. Your references cannot be part of your immediate family.

All potential applicants that are qualified for a position will be given an interview.

The deadline for applying is 1. March 2022.

Apply here (via Google Forms)

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